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The Ipp Legislation - Has The Game Been Worth The Candle?GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Ipp Report :: proportional liability :: personal injury damages :: duty of care :: breach of duty321.16K
AUTHOR: R J Douglas QC

The fundamentals of insurance law : enduring constants in the winds of change?GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Good Faith :: Administration of Justice :: Disclosure :: Information Technology :: Blockchain581.24K
AUTHOR: Beazley, M. J. 24/Aug/2017

AILA GEOFF MASEL LECTURE (saved as 'Reflections on contemporary issues in legal professional ethics')GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Legal Ethics :: Duties (Obligations) :: Legal Profession :: Administration of Justice423.94K
AUTHOR: Daubney, MartinMay/June 2016

Reflections on the practical operation of the (not very) uniform proportionate liability regimes in AustraliaGEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Proportionate Liability :: Legal History485.64 KB
AUTHOR: Nicholson, KevinUndated [c.2014]

Directors' and officers' insurance and the global financial crisisGEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Global Financial Crisis :: Negligence :: Directors Liability :: Professional Indemnity Insurance :: Reinsurance235.25 KB
AUTHOR: Merkin, RobertNovember 2009

Can courts ignore the reality of insurance in litigation?GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Liability Insurance :: Litigation1.42 MB
AUTHOR: Reinhardt, Greg22/Aug/2007

Keeping the faith : good faith in insurance and the emergence of general contractual good faithGEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Good Faith :: Legal History1.13 MB
AUTHOR: Ashton, RonNovember 2010

Insurance contracts act review : evolution or revolution (The AILA inaugural GEOFF MASEL LECTURE)GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: GEOFF MASEL LECTURE :: Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) :: Law Reform :: Section 54 (Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth))882.91 KB
AUTHOR: Rashleigh, PeterMay/June 2005

GEOFF MASEL LECTURE series : walking the tightrope [33pp. Ebsworth & Ebsworth Lawyers, 2006.]GEOFF MASEL LECTURE
SUBJECTS COVERED: Conflict of Interest :: Legal Representation :: Duties (Obligations)1.93 MB
AUTHORS: Scotford, Tony & Newton, Mark & Zadkovich, LukeSeptember-October 2006



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