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Defences under the Act [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Defences :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases :: Misleading Conduct :: Workplace Injuries :: Workers Compensation809.73K
AUTHOR: Hilliard, Brian2017

The new section 236b of the Workers Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2003 : are the rumours of the death of Byrne v PRQ greatly exaggerated?(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Occupational Health and Safety :: Workers Compensation :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases :: Employers Liability :: Law Reform207.98K
AUTHOR: Holyoak, Kevin17/Oct/2016

Indemnity & insurance clauses : what they do, what they don't do and what to look for when drafting and construing them [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Indemnities :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases854.45K
AUTHOR: Heath, Brett20/May/2016

Courting the risk [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Accidents :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases :: Risk849.20K
AUTHOR: Traves, Roger20/May/2016

Professional duty in insurance contracts(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Professional Indemnity Insurance :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases52.22K
AUTHOR: Steele, MarkUndated [c.2012]

Insuring professionals : trends, caps on liability and market conditions(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Professional Indemnity :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases :: Section 54 (Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth))1.15 MB
AUTHOR: Taylor, Peter2/May/2007

Civil liability workshop [incl. hypothetical] [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Civil Liability :: LEGAL WORDS & Phrases344.00 KB
AUTHORS: Douglas, Richard & Holyoak, Kevin29/Jul/2004



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