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From RE City Equitable Life to Safe Harbours - Themes in the Development of the Law Relating to Directors & OfficersTwilight seminar
SUBJECTS COVERED: Directors :: Safe Harbours :: Insolvent trading :: Corporations Act :: DUTY OF CARE781.55K
AUTHORS: Alexandra Bartlett & Dermot Scott SC1 August 2018

The Ipp Legislation - Has The Game Been Worth The Candle?Geoff Masel Lecture
SUBJECTS COVERED: Ipp Report :: proportional liability :: personal injury damages :: DUTY OF CARE :: breach of duty321.16K
AUTHOR: R J Douglas QC

Strictly liable vicariously(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Vicarious Liability :: Negligence :: DUTY OF CARE :: Employers Liability93.02K
AUTHOR: Hancy, Geoffrey27/Apr/2017

Civil liability update : views from the bench and bar(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) :: DUTY OF CARE :: Proportionate Liability :: Civil Liability613.65 KB
AUTHOR: Villa, Dominic5/Jun/2013

Civil liability update(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) :: Civil Liability :: DUTY OF CARE :: Causation :: Public Liability967.83 KB
AUTHOR: Hoeben, C. R. R.5/Jun/2013

2012 The year that was [Powerpoint slides] (Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Year in Review :: Case Studies :: Negligence :: DUTY OF CARE :: Accidents4.05 MB
AUTHOR: Davis, Felicity19/Dec/2012

Three essays on insurance law : The end of the affair - DUTY OF CARE and liability insurance {BEGINS AT PAGE 37} [Book. 75pp. Out of print. Burwood, Vic. : Craftsman Publishing, 1989.](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Liability Insurance :: Legal History :: Negligence5.59 MB
AUTHOR: Davies, Martin1989

Nervous shock : a shocking state of affairs [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Psychiatric Injury :: Nervous Shock :: DUTY OF CARE :: Case Studies234.50 KB
AUTHOR: Fotheringham, Michael24/Mar/2010

ANZIIF / AILA general insurance law annual review 2011 (part 2) [case studies pp 55-136] General Insurance Law Annual Review
SUBJECTS COVERED: Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) :: Double Insurance :: DUTY OF CARE :: Company Directors :: Documents7.01 MB
AUTHOR: Various24/Nov/2011

ANZIIF / AILA general insurance law annual review 2011 (part 1) [Table of contents (list of 46 cases by subject heading); case studies pp 1-54 ] General Insurance Law Annual Review
SUBJECTS COVERED: Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) :: Double Insurance :: DUTY OF CARE :: Company Directors :: Documents4.40 MB
AUTHOR: Various24/Nov/2011

DUTY OF CARE, breach, contributory negligence and the inconstant place of personal responsibility(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Contributory Negligence :: Personal Injuries233.68 KB
AUTHOR: Ashley, David19/May/2011

Controlled torts and the consequence to public bodies(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Civil Liability :: Public Liability :: DUTY OF CARE :: Risk201.89 KB
AUTHOR: Bradford, Keith26/Jul/2006

Risk of litigation : a review of recent court findings(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Negligence :: Case Studies :: Litigation :: DUTY OF CARE77.47 KB
AUTHOR: McLure, C. J. Undated [c.2004]

Standard of care for professionals(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Case Studies :: Contributory Negligence978.44 KB
AUTHOR: Lees, John18/Jul/2001

Negligence claims : statutory changes and case law developments(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Negligence :: Legal History :: DUTY OF CARE :: Psychiatric Injury :: Nervous Shock1.63 MB
AUTHOR: Derrington, Desmond29/Oct/2003

Standard of care for professionals(Nil)
AUTHOR: Johnson, Stephen18/Jul/2001

Recent developments in liability : a practical review(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Liability :: Dust Diseases :: Damages :: Asbestos1.20 MB
AUTHOR: Garling, Peter4/Jul/2001

Insurance and professional liability : trends of uncertainty (Or negligence and the High Court - a practitioner's perspective)(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Professional Liability :: Liability Insurance :: Legal History :: Negligence :: DUTY OF CARE1.88 MB
AUTHOR: Mills, Michael4/Aug/1998

The limits of the doctrine of proximitySpotlight on Insurance Issues
SUBJECTS COVERED: Negligence :: Contributory Negligence :: DUTY OF CARE2.16 MB
AUTHOR: Derrington, Desmond4/Jun/1998

Insurer's DUTY OF CARESpotlight on Insurance Issues
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Good Faith :: Negligence1.47 MB
AUTHOR: Hawke, Fred

Slips and trips in liability insurance(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Occupiers Liability :: DUTY OF CARE :: Third Parties1.09 MB
AUTHOR: Maconachie, John18/Sep/1996

DUTY OF CARE : Bryan v Maloney and other developments in relation to the DUTY OF CARE in tort(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: DUTY OF CARE :: Torts :: Negligence2.52 MB
AUTHOR: Allsop, James19/Jul/1995

Tame v New South Wales : Annetts v Australian Stations Pty Ltd [2002] HCA 35 (5 September 2002)(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Psychiatric Injury :: DUTY OF CARE :: Nervous Shock252.18 KB
AUTHOR: Handford, Peter23/Oct/2002

Breakfast seminar [commenting on insurance law decisions between December 2000 and December 2001](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Case Studies :: Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) :: Motor Accident Compensation :: DUTY OF CARE627.89 KB
AUTHOR: Zilko, Matthew13/Feb/2002



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