June 2018


Unisearch launches guide

by Kate Tilley, Resolve Editor

Unisearch has launched The Practitioner’s Guide to Briefing Experts.

The publication explores common challenges and nuances of engaging with experts and provides an overview on how best to engage experts for litigious matters. Topics include:

• When is an expert needed?
• Finding and choosing the right expert
• Initial contact with the expert
• Experts’ duties and responsibilities
• Best practice measures when developing letters of instruction
• Communication with the expert
• The expert report
• Expert conclaves and concurrent evidence.

While written from a legal perspective, the best practice measures are applicable to the industry in general.

The publication aims  to provide a general overview of briefing, or instructing, experts from the first point of deciding whether an expert is needed to expert conclaves and concurrent evidence. Those who assisted with the guide have referred to legislation, rules of court, practice notes and their own experiences to ensure each chapter acts as a “go-to” guide.

To obtain a hard or soft copy, go to https://www.unisearch.unsw.edu.au/enquiry-form

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