March 2019


International engagement expands

by Chris Rodd, AIDA Vice President Asia Pacific; Australian representative AIDA Presidential Council; Chair AIDA Dispute Resolution Working

AIDA has headed into 2019 with an increased level of engagement in international activities and, in particular, the activities of the 13 AIDA working parties.

I have observed strong expressions of interest, particularly from younger members of AILA and AIDA, in engaging in working party activities, whether it's accessing material on the AIDA website, writing articles, or obtaining details of upcoming international meetings.

This interest is precisely what members of AIDA's governing body (the Presidential Council) are seeking. The future of our organisation depends on the interest of all members, particularly younger members, nationally and internationally.

On behalf of the Presidential Council, I extend an open invitation to members to write articles for presentation at future events on any working party topics of interest. If authors cannot present in person (for reasons of geography, cost or time), I will ensure papers are loaded and appear on the AIDA website on the page dedicated to the particular working party. It is the ideal mechanism to become engaged with AIDA at an international level.

The next Presidential Council meeting is in Morocco on 17-20 April. There will be a CILA (Latin American association) meeting in Lima, Peru, on 19–22 August  and an AIDA Europe meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, on 3-4 October. The working parties will meet and present at each of these events.

Get involved, as many others have from around the world. I have had expressions of interest to present papers from a diverse range of countries, including Taiwan, France, Portugal, Peru, and Russia.

AIDA is working closely with the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) in the USA to hold FDCC international meetings that link an FDCC event with an AIDA meeting, such as is occurring after Morocco. We will host a one-day FDCC symposium in London in early May, consistent with the desire to engage with our US colleagues.

AIDA is also exploring the viability of having an FDCC event before the next AIDA World Congress in Melbourne in October 2022.

AIDA is a genuinely international organisation that actively seeks participation from its members around the world so become involved. Participation is great for your career and provides an opportunity to engage with a global audience.

You don't have to physically be at a meeting to participate but I would encourage all members to attend at least one international meeting.

If you have any queries about how to get involved, please contact me (email: The reward is worth the effort. 
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