June 2017


To contact AILA and NZILA

AILA Association Secretariat: Vickie Saccaro/Elizabeth Lim
Box 2011, Forest Hill Vic 3131
Phone: 1300 699 140
Email: office@aila.com.au



President: Jonathan Scragg, Duncan Cotterill
Phone: +64 4 499 3280
Email: jonathan.scragg@duncancotterill.com

Vice-president: Myles Noble, Crombie Lockwood
Phone: 0800 252 461
Email: myles.noble@crombielockwood.co.nz

Secretary: Frank Rose, Keegan Alexander
Phone: +64 9 303 1829
Email: frose@keegan.co.nz

Treasurer: Leon Briggs, Cunningham Lindsey
Phone: +64 4 472 6586
Email: lbriggs@cl-nz.com


AILA National Board

Angus Kench, Liberty International Underwriters (NSW)
Phone: 02 8298 5975
Email: president@aila.com.au

Vice president: Stephen Williams, Kott Gunning (WA)
Phone: 08 9321 3755
Email: swilliams@kottgunn.com.au

Treasurer/Immediate past president: Susan Vidler, Assetinsure (NSW)
Phone: 02 8274 2811
Email: treasurer@aila.com.au

Secretary: Kim Bradey (Victoria)
Phone: 03 9225 8719
Email: kbradey@vicbar.com.au

AIDA Representative: Chris Rodd (Victoria)
Phone: 0401 993 411
Email: chrisjrodd@gmail.com

Ex-officio executive member: Cameron Roberts, Thomson Geer (Vic)
Phone: 03 9641 8696
Email: croberts@tglaw.com.au


Board Members

Anthony Hillary, Lawson Smith Lawyers (SA)
Phone: 08 8210 2600
Email: ahillary@lawsonsmith.com.au

Damon Symes, Dobson Mitchell & Allport (Tas)
Phone: 03 6210 0000
Email: damon.symes@doma.com.au

David Jesser, McInnes Wilson (Qld)
Phone: 07 3231 0641
Email: djesser@mcw.com.au

Lance Schmidt, AFA Insurance Brokers (NT)
Phone: 08 8981 6377
Email: lschmidt@afaib.com.au

Chrissy Cheesman, Woolworths (Qld)
Phone: 07 3213 4336
Email: ccheesman@woolworths.com.au

Justine Siavelis, Gilchrist Connell (WA)
Phone: 08 9476 3802
Email: jsiavelis@gclegal.com.au

Peter Forbes-Smith, Hunt & Hunt (Tas)
Phone: 03 6210 6200
Email: pforbessmith@hunttas.com.au

Dylan Steel, Gilchrist Connell (SA)
Phone: 08 8215 7032
Email: dsteel@gclegal.com.au


Chair: Clare Branch, Gilchrist Connell
Phone: 02 8240 8026
Email: cbranch@gclegal.com.au

Secretary: Linda Hamilton, Hamilton Lawyers
Phone: 02 9188 9685
Email: lhamilton@hamiltonlaw.com.au


Chair: Raff Pasano, Minter Ellison
Phone: 03 8608 2493
Email: raff.pasano@minterellison.com

Treasurer: David Abell, ANZ
Phone: 03 8654 7096
Email: abelld@anz.com


Chair: Nigel Wilson
Phone: 08 7088 4881
Email: wilson@australischambers.com

Secretary: Craig Lind, CKE Legal
Phone: 0421 095 003
Email: craig.lind@ckelegal.com.au


Chair: Anton Vucak, Hall & Wilcox
Phone: 08 9482 7912
Email: anton.vucak@hallandwilcox.com.au

Secretary: Rebecca Roberts, Mills Oakley
Phone: 08 6167 9800
Email: rroberts@millsoakley.com.au


Chair: Melanie Quixley, Barry Nilsson
Phone: 07 3231 6308
Email: melanie.quixley@bnlaw.com.au

Secretary: Stacey Boulton, Dibbs Barker
Phone: 07 3100 5090
Email: stacey.boulton@dibbsbarker.com.au


Chair: Steven Smith, Hunt & Hunt
Phone: 03 6210 6200
Email: ssmith@hunttas.com.au


Chair: Lance Schmidt, AFA Insurance Brokers
Phone: 08 8981 6377
Email: lschmidt@afaib.com.au



Resolve is compiled by Kate Tilley Journalism Pty Ltd on behalf of the Australian Insurance Law Association and the New Zealand Insurance Law Association.

Editor: Kate Tilley

Please forward contributions to:
KT Journalism
PO Box 165, Spring Hill Qld 4004
Phone (07) 3831 7500
Email ktj@ktjournalism.com

Copy deadline for the next issue of Resolve is:
September 2017: Tuesday 1 August


Editorial submissions

AILA encourages members to submit editorial contributions for consideration for publication in Resolve. Contributions will be included at the editor’s discretion. They should be supplied as a Word document by email to ktj@ktjournalism.com well in advance of the final deadline.

Articles should cover topics of interest in furthering insurance law education, for example, case notes and commentary on topical issues. Articles should be non-technical, written in plain English, and about 750-850 words.

Letters to the editor are also welcome, as are suggestions for leads the Resolve journalists can pursue. For all editorial inquiries, please email the editor Kate Tilley (see above) or phone (07) 3831 7500. We look forward to receiving your contributions – this is your publication, have
your say.

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Resolve is the official publication of the Australian Insurance Law Association and
the New Zealand Insurance Law Association.