June 2019


AIDA encourages YP involvement

by Chris Rodd, AIDA Vice President Asia Pacific; Australian representative AIDA Presidential Council; Chair AIDA Dispute Resolution Working Party

The year’s first AIDA Presidential Council meeting was in Marrakech, Morocco, in the last week of April.

The meeting preceded a conference hosted by the Moroccan chapter on 25–26 April.

It was my first meeting since my appointment as an AIDA Vice President and my first  as a member of the AIDA Executive.

We received an overview of the long-awaited, long-overdue AIDA website which looks particularly good, despite the fact we didn’t have some images that will enhance the site’s overall appeal but will be available soon.

One issue highlighted at the meeting was discussion around increased engagement with younger AIDA members globally. I highlighted AILA initiatives, such as the Ron Shorter award and mentoring programs and activities of the Young Insurance Professionals, plus the potential for younger members to submit entries for the Michael Gill Award.

There is significant support for research programs that involve younger members conducting joint collaborative research in various chapters around the world, which would result in publication on the AIDA website and the potential for wider publication within universities that have associations with AIDA. That will be explored in greater detail at the forthcoming meeting in August.

The new website will be more interactive than the existing one and affords greater access to global material. It will include details of AIDA and chapter meetings in all member countries globally. If members are making travel plans it is useful to have access to that information so they can potentially attend future meetings conducted by AIDA’s chapters.

AIDA’s future focus will be greater membership engagement in producing  collaborative research material involving multiple working parties on topics or themes of increasing relevance to the industry.

NZILA’s Jonathan Scragg and I will ensure AILA and NZILA members are kept up to date with developments so we can engage as many members as possible with new AIDA initiatives.

The Moroccan conference was disappointing because few Moroccan members attended. Given it had been promoted by the previous AIDA World President Prof Jerome Kullman, it was expected many Moroccan and French representatives would be there. That was not the case.

As chair of the Dispute Resolution Working Party, I had prepared a presentation on the financial services royal commission, which will be available on the State Regulation Working Party site. I was supported  by excellent presentations from Richard Traub (AIDA USA) and Jonathan Scragg (NZILA). All PowerPoint presentations will be available soon on the AIDA website.

Climate change and catastrophic events was the conference’s primary focus, with a session chaired by Tim Hardy (AIDA UK), Chair of the Climate Change and Catastrophic Events Working Party, and presentations from Morocco, USA, the UK and Australia.

The meeting provided Jonathan and me with another ideal forum to promote the next AIDA World Congress in Melbourne in October 2022.

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