June 2022

AIDA plans two Presidential Council meets

by Chris Rodd, AIDA Vice President – Asia Pacific, Presidential Council Representative – Australia

After more than two years of complete lockdowns it is encouraging to see AIDA emerging with plans for two Presidential Council meetings in 2022.

The first is a hybrid of direct attendees and remote at a CILA Conference in Costa Rica on 22-26 August and the second meeting is also a hybrid, in Zurich on 5-7 October.

The last face-to-face event was in Lima, Peru, in August 2019 and, while much has been achieved during Zoom meetings, they are of shorter duration and agendas have of necessity been greatly reduced. The frustrations of trying to connect numerous individuals on six continents has been challenging, to say the least.

The opportunity to finally meet face to face will encourage wider participation and a broader agenda.

With the 2023 AIDA World Congress a major topic for discussion at the upcoming meetings it will enable us to again promote the Melbourne meeting. Unfortunately, the last opportunity was three years ago so we will encourage as many members of our international community as possible to attend.

At the 2019 meeting in Lima we had a high level of interest in attending the Melbourne World Congress so we want to feed on that interest to encourage international attendees, many of whom have never been to Australia but are keen to visit.

We will also encourage US colleagues to attend as speakers and conference attendees and will promote Melbourne at the Federation of Defence Counsel­–AIDA North America summer meeting in Seattle in late July.

For US colleagues, the upcoming World Congress will give many the opportunity to visit Australia for the first time. The conference organising committee is working tirelessly to put on a superb and memorable conference program and to maximise its success by ensuring as many national and international attendees as possible.

As your Australian AIDA representative on the Presidential Council, please contact me if you have any questions about AIDA and its activities and, in particular, the 2023 World Congress. I can be contacted at chrisjrodd@gmail.com.

Best wishes to all AILA and NZILA members. 

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