March 2018


AILA President's message
Angus Kench

Happy 35th birthday to AILA

It's AILA's 35th birthday this year and we intend to celebrate.

Not-for-profit associations are constantly challenged to ensure they provide meaningful value propositions and, in the insurance space, that is even more important given its competitive nature. For AILA to have survived, and thrived, for 35 years is testament to its strong value proposition and the massive contribution of its members and volunteers.  

It is worth informing AILA's young professionals of how YPs can influence and help shape the industry. Michael Gill was 35 when he helped found AILA. That is a shining example of the value YPs bring to the table.

The 35th anniversary celebrations will be intertwined with events run throughout 2018 and there will be some special activities as well. Watch the AILA website and social media posts for more information.

Life membership for Julie

Congratulations to Julie Kinnear, who was awarded AILA life membership in December.

Julie, a partner at Sparke Helmore, Adelaide, is the immediate past chair of AILA's South Australian chapter.

She is the chapter's longest-serving committee member and was secretary for many years before completing a three-year term as SA president. In 2016, she chaired the national conference organising committee.

Julie and Sparke Helmore have contributed significantly to AILA's development in SA.

Julie is a highly experienced professional indemnity lawyer. In 2012, she was named Adelaide's Insurance Lawyer of the Year in the Australian Financial Review's best lawyers list.

Before joining Sparke Helmore, Julie was lead partner in a commercial law firm's professional indemnity practice and has been professional lines claims manager for a major broker.

RMIA achievement award

Congratulations also to Victorian treasurer David Abell who received the Risk Management Institution of Australasia's lifetime achievement award at RMIA's annual conference in November.

In his presentation speech, RMIA President Anthony Ventura highlighted some of David's achievements:

• Teaching insurance law and principles of risk transfer in the Master of Risk Management course at Monash University for 10 years
• For 35 years, organising an industry seminar from February to November which provided a guest speaker each month who presented on insurance and risk management topics
• For more than 10 years, being chair of Scouts Victoria's insurance & risk management subcommittee and adviser to Scouts Australia's national risk management committee.

In April 1987, David joined the ANZ Bank as Manager, Risk Management Research in the group risk management department, which was then four people. When he retired from ANZ last year, more than 1,000 people were engaged in risk management. 

Strategic planning meeting

On Saturday 18 November 2017, AILA's board of directors, and chapter presidents and representatives attended a strategic planning meeting in Melbourne.

It was facilitated by external consultant Kath McCarthy.

During the previous April's face-to-face board meeting, it was identified that, as AILA continues to evolve, it was important to come together and ensure our strategic aims and objectives were clearly identified and establish a road map for their delivery. The strategic planning meeting was agreed to achieve that.

In preparing for the meeting, feedback was sought from chapter committees to ensure all AILA members had an opportunity to make suggestions.

Responses resulted in 77 points for consideration. Those present were asked to prioritise the suggestions against five key areas:

• will this increase membership?
• will this increase participation and engagement?
• will this increase AILA's brand profile?
• will this offer a better value proposition?
• will this advance AILA's educational objectives?

The end result provided a large quantity of valuable data and prioritised the recommendations.

To develop and deliver the identified points, five portfolios have been created across AILA. Each is led by board members, with chapter committee representatives assisting with planning, developing and implementing.

The portfolios and their board leaders are:

• Membership & market development (liaison) - Cameron Roberts (Vic), Lance Schmidt (NT)
• Promotion & marketing - Luke Taylor (Tas)
• Education - Justine Siavelis (WA), Anthony Hillary (SA)
• Sponsorship - Stephen Williams (WA), Damon Symes (Tas)
• Young Professionals - Chrissy Cheesman (Qld), Jessica Beard (Qld)

Initial meetings and plans are in progress for the new portfolio teams.

This is a new, exciting chapter for AILA. Remaining relevant and competitive in a heavily corporatised market will ensure our valued and respected association continues to deliver and grow.

Banking royal commission

The insurance industry has been caught up in the banking royal commission's terms of reference.

Insurance Council of Australia CEO Rob Whelan has said the general insurance industry is ready to contribute to the commission's inquiry into the financial services sector.

"Though the calls for a formal inquiry have focused on the banks, ICA hopes the royal commission will end political uncertainty and improve public confidence in the insurance sector," he said.

Financial  Services Council CEO Sally Loane has said the commission is "an opportunity to establish a positive agenda for the future".

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