Conference issue 2014

UK abolishes disclosure duty

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG explores aspects of UK law relevant to Australia.

feature stories
Melbourne to host 2015 conference
The theme for AILA’s next conference in Melbourne is: A sporting chance.
The ever-changing insurance landscape
Steadfast CEO Robert Kelly gives a “warts and all” exposure.
HIH – master of its own demise
The HIH liquidator outlines what went wrong.
Lawyers back Qld class action regime
A panel session explored class actions and litigation funding.
Stress reactions alert investigators
Two speakers explain how to detect deception.
Dominant purpose tests documents
Inhouse counsels explore privilege and continuous disclosure.
Canterbury recovery – slow but sure
NZ’s Christchurch will never be the same again, but it will be better.
Panelists ponder NZ market competition
A trio of NZ experts share their views on developments in the NZ market.
Is a little bit of fraud OK?
Legal experts dissect three jurisdictions’ laws.
Cases cop criticism
Three NZ Appeal Court decisions come under fire.
Quakes stress test NZ code
NZ’s fair insurance code is under review.
Entrepreneur says never fear failure
A kiwi businessman outlines his recipe for success.
Quake claims test judicial system
A NZ judge explains how the courts struggle with quake litigation.
Discount book offer for members
Thomson Reuters is offering a 20% discount on two revised texts.

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