September 2020


AIDA soldiers on despite pandemic

by Chris Rodd – AIDA Presidential Council Representative Australia

Despite the constraints of what is essentially a global lockdown, AIDA continues to function.

Clearly AILA provides the model for what an organisation can achieve, regardless of the inability to communicate face to face .

Many AIDA chapters face enormous challenges due to factors that have made legal learning, understandably, a much lower priority than the primary priority of health and safety.

Despite the challenges, AIDA continues to host events and in recent months has geared up to present an array of webinars on topics embraced by the 14 working parties.

The reinsurance working party hosted a 17 June webinar; motor conducted a very successful 25 June webinar; and the dispute resolution working party, in conjunction with CILA, the South American AIDA organisation, hosted a webinar on insurance ombudsman schemes on 30 June.

Further webinars were planned for August and September for the climate change and catastrophic events; dispute resolution; new technologies; financial lines; state supervision; and marine working parties. The general principles of insurance law WP has three webinars being organised for October, November and December.

Both AILA and NZILA hold preeminent positions within AIDA and I encourage you to participate either as a speaker or a registrant. Presenters from this part of the world are highly regarded by AIDA and the advantage we enjoy is that all AIDA Europe webinars are conducted in English so language is no barrier.

If any members would like to present, I encourage you to visit the AIDA website, view the upcoming events for the various WPs, and consider topics that may be of interest.

You can email the WP chair or contact me ( and I will put you in touch with the organiser. It is that simple.

As a speaker you will have an international audience and it is a great way to connect with AIDA’s global community. Frequently I hear members say they don’t feel any real connection with AIDA as they have never participated in an AIDA event. Here is your chance to rectify that situation.

Even if you feel you don’t have the confidence to participate as a speaker, you can always register as a participant .

While the multiplicity of time zones can be challenging for AILA and NZILA members, remember they are all available to view on the WP websites after the event.

I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming AIDA webinars and, in the interim, please stay safe.

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