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Speaker Papers

Welcome to the AILA speakers paper library, covering 30 years of the Association. If you are looking for a specific paper, please use the search bar at the top right of the screen.


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Vicarious Liability by Geoffrey Hancy 27 April 2017 93.02K 27-Apr-17

Who is covered? Who is exposed? A close(r) look at policy indemnities PAPER Greg Pynt 15 March 2017 934.14K 16-Mar-17

Who is covered? Who is exposed? A close(r) look at policy indemnities SLIDES Greg Pynt 15 March 2017 915.70K 16-Mar-17

20161201 Banana Skins, Gum Nuts & Bat Poo! - K Howe 0.99M 14-Feb-17

20161214 The Year That Was Slides Presented by David McKenna 1.07M 21-Dec-16

20161214 The Year That Was Presented By David McKenna 9.08M 21-Dec-16

20161102 Environmental Risk Management final 210.08K 10-Nov-16

20161102 Environmental Risk Management 2.44M 10-Nov-16

20161102 Environmental Clean Up 1.09M 10-Nov-16

Who is covered Who is exposed SLIDES Greg Pynt 19 October 2016 845.72K 27-Oct-16

Who is Covered Who is Exposed by Greg Pynt 19 October 2016 761.72K 27-Oct-16

20161017 WORKERS COMPENSATION - K Holyoak 207.98K 21-Oct-16

AILA 2016 Annual Report & Financial Statements 1.05M 22-Sep-16

2016 GML Reflections on Contemporary Issues in Legal Professional Ethics by The Hon Justice Martin Daubney 423.94K 13-Sep-16

Work Related Stress by Mr Chris Dockray AILA WC Masterclass 19 Aug 2016 147.98K 13-Sep-16

Work Related Stress by Dr Rob Walters AILA WC Masterclass 19 Aug 2016 51.41K 13-Sep-16

Work Related Stress by Dr Lisa Jarman AILA WC Masterclass 19 Aug 2016 254.26K 13-Sep-16

The Interaction between Workers Compensation and Employment Law by Graham Wood and Anne McCulloch AILA WC Masterclass 19 Aug 2016 3.17M 13-Sep-16

The Good the Bad & the Utmost - Dr Brenda McGivern Masterclass 20 May 2016 234.37K 07-Jul-16

The Duty of Disclosure - Samantha Traves Masterclas 20 May 2016 430.40K 07-Jul-16

The Burden of the Onus - Lucy Terracall & Mark Waller Masterclass 20 May 2016 420.66K 07-Jul-16

Maple, Like Bad Faith - Professor Sarah Derrington Masterclass 20 May 2016 1.12M 07-Jul-16

Insurance Contract Disclosure in Australia and the UK - Tony Tarr Masterclass 20 May 2016 334.42K 07-Jul-16

Indenmity & Insurance Clauses - Brett Heath Masterclass 20 May 2016 854.45K 07-Jul-16

Good Faith & Bad Faith - James Davey Masterclass 20 May 2016 193.26K 07-Jul-16

Full Reinstatement Cover in Property Insurance and the Principle of Indemnity - Henry Holderness Masterclass 20 May 2016 1.48M 07-Jul-16

Full Reinstatement Cover - Henry Holderness Masterclass 20 May 2016 405.81K 07-Jul-16

Courting the Risk - Roger Traves QC Masterclass 20 May 2016 849.20K 07-Jul-16

Toxic Torts David McKenna 20 April 2016 960.80K 03-Jun-16

Policy Triggers & Issues Arising Under Liability Policies Lucy Terracall 16 March 2016 516.21K 04-Apr-16

The Interplay Between Employment-Related & Termination of Employment Claims & Workers' Compensation Claims, Maria Saraceni 17 February 2016 5.89M 01-Mar-16

Watch Out Tips & Traps for Obtaining, Using & Protecting Surveillance, Jessica McClymont 25 February 2016 213.47K 01-Mar-16

Twilight Seminar - What has this got to do with Non-Disclosure & Policy Drafting, Justice Allsop, 24 June, 2015 361.00K 14-Dec-15

Twilight Seminar - You're on Notice - Terry Mehigan, Barrister, 10 June, 2015 342.72K 14-Dec-15

Twilight Seminar - Current Trends in Australian Shareholder Class Actions - Assoc Prof Michael Legg, 19 August, 2015 685.41K 14-Dec-15

Twilight Seminar - Good Faith & Claims Handling, Michael Jones SC, 5 August, 2015 2.17M 14-Dec-15

Bridgecorp in the wake of the storm Jeremy Scott McKenzie April 2015 372.13K 30-Sep-15

Anticipartory Charges on Proceeds of Insurance - Fred Hawke April 2015 936.01K 30-Sep-15

2015 Proposed Revised Memorandum & Articles of Association (to be read with 2015 Annual Report and AGM notice) 224.12K 23-Sep-15

Proportionate Liability After Selig v. Wealthsure Pty Ltd - Still a Lottery? 354.00K 20-Aug-15

WA Permanent Impairment Assessments 2.01M 29-Jul-15

Should Doctors always tell patients the truth 1.51M 24-May-15

Professional Duty in Insurance Contracts - Mark Steele 52.22K 18-Mar-15

2014 Looking back on the track December seminar (2) 211.00K 01-Mar-15

Reinsurance Unmasked 10.61M 01-Mar-15

Maxwell v Highway Hauliers and Section 54 The Consequences 10.87 MB 26-Nov-14

Cyber Risks Power point presentation - Andrew Taylor Chubb Insurance28 May, 2014 825.00 KB 3-Nov-14

Twilight Seminar - Duncan Macfarlane - Brokers Liability - 16 July, 2014 13.90 MB 3-Nov-14

Professor Reinhardt - What you have missed in 2014 688.33 KB 3-Nov-14

Justice McDougall - s 54(1) of the Insurance Contracts Act - 30 October 2014 FINAL 291.58 KB 3-Nov-14



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