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VIDEO: #LeadershipGoals: Be Real. Be Heard. Be a Leader. 7 June 2023 with Sarah Ellis, Neiva Connell, Emily Barnes and Melanie Quixley

VIDEO: Emerging Vicarious Liability Issues: Part 2 - Pro Hac Vice "Employment"- Alive and Kicking 1 June 2023 with Bianca Stronger and Kevin Holyoak

VIDEO: Lock It In: Cybersecurity Legal Obligations 25 May 2023 with Nicholas Blackmore and Lana Remedi

VIDEO: Nervous Shock - Narrowing the Floodgates? 17 May 2023 with Elizabeth Nash, Nicola Gardner, Mylinh L'Estrange and David Lloyd

VIDEO: 2023 Annual General Insurance Law Review Part Two - webcast of NSW event held 9 March 2023

2023 Annual General Insurance Law Review: Part One - Webcast of the NSW Review held 9 March 2023

VIDEO: Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation and the Role in Administering the Pool 28 March 2023 with Jason Flanagan, Pulkit Jain and Tylie Petrovski

VIDEO: Class Actions What Can Liability Insurers Expect in 2023? 23 February 2023 with Jason Betts and David Lloyd

VIDEO: Claims Handling and Misconduct: The Views of ASIC, AFCA & Code Compliance 7 December 2022 with Chris Liamos, Prue Monument, Dr Rhys Bollen and Matt Ellis

VIDEO: What's #Trending: A Look At The Financial Lines Sector 24 November 2022 with Susie Amos, Ben Hine, Howard Poignand and Jason Fletcher

VIDEO: Ahead of the Game: Tackling Concussion Claims 23 November 2022 with Janine Clark, Chris Finn and Bruch Crosthwaite

VIDEO: Queensland's Preliminary Disclosure Regime – Lessons Learned 10 November 2022 with Marjorie Daley, Jennifer Hawson and Monique Moloney

VIDEO: Emerging Vicarious Liability Issues: Part 1 - The Course of Employment in the Wake of Schokman 24 October 2022 with Jessica McClymont, Kevin Holyoak and Liana Isaac

VIDEO: Lloyds Market Update 21 October 2022 with Evan Ainslee and Lani Carter

VIDEO: Waivers and the ACL: Are they Worth the Paper They Are Written On? 19 October 2022 with Nicola Gardner and Elizabeth Bainbridge-Brown

VIDEO: Causation in Insurance: The Text and the Context 18 October 2022 with Darren Ferrari and Jehan Mata

VIDEO: Responding to Investigations: How to Best Assist Health Practitioners 6 September 2022 with Sean Cash and Hayley Daniel

VIDEO: ESG Environmental Social Governance and Insurance Local and Global Perspectives 8 September 2022 with Brylee Jaghbir, Tamlyn Mills, Tim Ingham and Ray Giblett

VIDEO: AFCA Approaches: Sticking One's Neck Out? 7 September 2022 with Andrew Weinmann, Sylvia Quang and Jason Stevens

VIDEO 2022 Ron Shorter Award Final 2 August 2022

VIDEO Perils of the Director's Misdeeds: Avoid Shifting the Deckchairs on the Titanic! 3 August 2022 with Paul Smyth, John Simpson and David Abell

VIDEO Objection, Your Honour: Optimising (and Neutralising) Expert Evidence for Trial 27 July 2022 with Jane Fitzgerald and Emma Fitzgerald

VIDEO Snapshots and Potshots: A Broker's View of the Insurance Market - 2022 Annual Geoff Masel Lecture 21 July 2022 with Andrew Louw and Melanie Quixley

2022 Annual General Insurance Law Review Webcast PART TWO 20 May 2022

2022 Annual General Insurance Law Review Webcast PART ONE 20 May 2022

Is Social Inflation Changing the Claims Environment 17 May with Tanya Ferguson, Geoff De Mallett Morgan and Raff Pisano

VIDEO: Beyond Reasonable Care: Strict Liability & Intentional Tort Claims & Their Impact on Insurers 12 May 2022 with Roslyn Kaye, Ashley Harding & David Lloyd

VIDEO: Business: Interrupted - COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims 29 Mar 2022 with Darren Ferrari and Dr Alan Manning

VIDEO: Misleading Or Deceptive Conduct Claims: Professionals' Exposure 1 Mar 2022 with Jeremy Twigg QC

VIDEO: Staying on Top of Product Recall Claims 23 Feb 2022 with Belinda Henningham, Martin Miller, Robert Luttrell and David Lloyd

VIDEO: Faulty Towers: Commercial Arbitration And The Insurance Contracts Act 22 Feb 2022 with Fred Hawke and Laina Chan

How To Maximise Your Career In Insurance: Tips & Tricks Of The Trade 7 December 2021 with Ben Briscoe, Sal Achrafi, Gemma Mackinnon, Jonathan Pack, Megan Farmer and Olivia Kiss

Graffiti Walls & Social Media: Defamation Liability In The Wake Of Voller 1 December 2021 with Andrew Miers, Priya Wakhlu and David Arribas

FinLines@AILA - Management Liability: Unpacking The Package 16 November 2021 with Raisa Conchin, Michael Babington and Carrie Wright

Historical Sexual Abuse: Righting The Wrongs Of The Past While Balancing Rights In The Present 10 November 2021 with Richard Douglas QC and Gerard Mullins

2021 Annual Life Insurance Law Review [PART TWO] 9 November 2021 with Pamela McAlister, Rehana Box, David Arribas, Sylvia Quang, Stephen Walsh, Marita Wall, Holly Marchant and Scott Hodgson

2021 Annual Life Insurance Law Review [PART ONE] 9 November 2021 with Pamela McAlister, Rehana Box, David Arribas, Sylvia Quang, Stephen Walsh, Marita Wall, Holly Marchant and Scott Hodgson

Back To The Virtual E-Trial Future: Judicial Expectations And Arrangements For Remote Hearings - Where To From Here? 28 October 2021 with Mary-Anne Hartley QC, Michael K Clarke, Lachlan Howe and John Simpson

Insurance Law 101: What Emerging Professionals Need to Know 27 October 2021 with Robin Bowley

Diversity@AILA: Allyship & Insurance - What Does It Mean To Be An LGBTQIA+ Ally? 21 October 2021 with Stacey Williams, Hugo Zicat and Matthew Clifford-Jones

Insuring the Unruly Horse: Illegality and Public Policy in Insurance Contracts and Claims 14 October 2021 with Darren Ferrari

Force Majeure Clauses: Who Will Be Liable When Things Go Off The Rails? 13 October 2021 with Geoff Farnsworth and Joshua Clarke

TecHub: Will You Still Have a Job in Five Years' Time? 12 October 2021 with Emma Levitt, Ed Santow and Aurora Voss

Managing Regulatory Investigations: Key Issues For Insurers And Insureds 6 October 2021 with Belinda Speirs and Mark Ronan

COVID-19: Can We Presume It Was Work Related? 5 October 2021 with Charlotte Dignan and Mahen Manokarathas

The New Epidemic: Claims For Psychiatric Injury - An Update 28 September with Glenn Worth

Held to Ransom: Current Reflections On Cyber Claims 15 September 2021 with Nitesh Patel, Brian Smith and Anthony Smit

An Update on the New GICOP 15 September 2021 with Annabelle Butler, Paul Holmes and Rene Van De Rijdt

Key Evidentiary Rules in Civil Proceedings: Browne v Dunn, Jones v Dunkel & Hearsay 7 September 2021 with Mark Steele and Jane Menzies

Changes to the Duty of Disclosure: Game Changer? 2 September 2021 with Daniel Briggs and Anthea Karvounaris



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