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Insurtech: What the Heck?TecHub
SUBJECTS COVERED: Change :: Cyber Brokers :: Cyber Insurance :: TECHNOLOGY :: Brokers12.94M
AUTHOR: Andy Jamieson26 July 2018

Insurtech: What the Heck?TecHub
SUBJECTS COVERED: TECHNOLOGY :: Innovation :: Brokers :: Change :: Digital3.31M
AUTHOR: Daniel Fogarty26 July 2018

The wheel has turned : the rise of driverless cars [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Motor Vehicles :: Autonomous Vehicles :: Information TECHNOLOGY1.51M
AUTHOR: Silvester, Henry2017

The fundamentals of insurance law : enduring constants in the winds of change?Geoff Masel Lecture
SUBJECTS COVERED: Good Faith :: Administration of Justice :: Disclosure :: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Blockchain581.24K
AUTHOR: Beazley, M. J. 24/Aug/2017

Mind your own business (saved as 'Mandatory data breach notification') [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Data Protection :: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Cyber Crimes :: Computer Networks792.83K
AUTHOR: Carrigan, Dean21/Jun/2017

Cyber risks : insurance for the digital age [Powerpoint slides](Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Cyber Crime :: Data Protection :: Computer Networks825.00 KB
AUTHORS: Taylor, Andrew & Miers, Andrew28/May/2014

Legal perspective : emerging cyber risks to businesses(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Cyber Crime :: Data Protection :: Computer Networks4.57 MB
AUTHOR: Burrows, Malcolm16/Oct/2012

TECHNOLOGY in the courts : will there ever be a paperless case?(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Case Management136.61 KB
AUTHOR: Sutherland, TonyUndated [c.2002]

Insurance for cyber-torts(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Cyber Crime :: Internet :: Data Protection :: Computer Networks692.40 KB
AUTHOR: Axelrod, Peter1/Sep/2000

Year 2000 problem claims(Nil)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information TECHNOLOGY :: Year 2000 Problem1008.04 KB
AUTHOR: Kaley, Mathew28/Jul/1999



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