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Cyber insurance {BEGINS AT PAGE 20} [Powerpoint slides] (NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Cyber Crime :: Information Technology :: Computer Networks :: Data Protection1.73M
AUTHOR: Crombie, Glenn2015

The comparison websites of insurance products : evidence from the European Union [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Websites :: European Union (EU)157.79K
AUTHOR: Marano, Pierpaolo

Voluntary assumption of risk : sporting injuries and voluntary assumption of risk(NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Sports Injuries :: Risk572.47K
AUTHORS: Masel, Danny & Costaras, Diana

Natural catastrophe events : reinsurance perspective [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Reinsurance :: Natural Disasters640.83K
AUTHOR: Groom, Jimi14-Oct-2015

Management of risk : mass participation and sporting events [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Risk Management :: Sport7.13M
AUTHOR: Goss, Stephen15/Oct/2015

Insurance comparators : objectivity and regulation(NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Comparative Advertising :: Websites :: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)469.12K
AUTHOR: Rodd, ChrisOct-2015

Cyber risk and emerging risk : management strategies(NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Risk :: Data Protection :: Cyber Crime :: Information Technology :: Computer Networks1.73M
AUTHOR: Richards, Jennifer2015

A sporting chance : claims management and CAT response [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
AUTHOR: Gibson, Marc2015

Product governance and intervention : FSI recommendations signal a new approach to regulation [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Law Reform :: Regulation :: Consumer Protection394.55K
AUTHOR: Ellis, Matthew16/Oct/2015

Head injuries in sports litigation in the United States [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Sports Injuries :: United States of America1.08M
AUTHOR: Lieberman, Meryl R.Oct-2015

Post settlement ethical issues(NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Settlements8.65 MB
AUTHOR: Mangan, Bettina19/Feb/2014

Adjusting to adjustment disorder [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Psychiatric Injury77.33 KB
AUTHOR: Mander, A. J. (Dr)June 2013

Adjustment disorder : transient situational disturbance [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Psychiatric Injury78.21 KB
AUTHOR: Schub, Danny (Dr)June 2013

Captives and protected cell companies [Powerpoint slides] {BEGINS PAGE 18}(NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Self Insurance1.06 MB
AUTHOR: McGuinness, Chris3/Nov/2006

Recent cases in relation to proportionate liability(NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Proportionate Liability :: Case Studies361.23 KB
AUTHOR: Villa, Dominic8/Aug/2012

e-Risks : insurance dilemma or delight?(NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Information Technology :: Risk216.97 KB
AUTHOR: Wilson, Nigel2010

Claims and the law [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Medical Liability522.00 KB
AUTHOR: Nash, Phillipa

The new terms of reference : the changes, the impact and the effect. How the changes impact on the Insurance Agency(NIL)
SUBJECT COVERED: Financial Ombudsman Service406.57 KB
AUTHOR: Financial Ombudsman Service2009

Extra cost of reinstatement in a self regulatory environment [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Insurance Contracts :: Insurance Claims :: Settlements413.25 KB
AUTHOR: [Integra Technical Services (Australia) Pty Ltd]Undated

Tale of two cities [Powerpoint slides](NIL)
SUBJECTS COVERED: Insurance Industry :: Reinsurance :: Climate Change :: Natural Disasters7.00 MB
AUTHOR: Codd, NickUndated [c.2010]



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